Vision Boards Workshop





Create your Vision Board or Creation Journal during this fun interactive Workshop. 

Get together with like-minded people and have a fun day creating the dreams of your future, be it personal or business.

Unlock all of your thoughts and dreams by creating a visual depiction revealing everything you would like to accomplish and attain in the near future. A vision board and creation journals are collages of images, pictures, and affirmations of your dreams, goals, and things that make you happy. These are useful tools to help conceptualize your goals and serve as a source of motivation as you work towards achieving your dreams.

DEPENDING ON ATTENDANCE, I will do mini psychic readings for everyone.
*If you are not a believer you can pass.

If you register through this page 48 hours in advance the introductory price is $65. The price goes up to $85 if you wait. 

We will begin with a meditation then discuss how these can help your goals and dreams come true.
All supplies will be listed for you to gather along with any of your personal pictures. Examples:
Magazine cutouts as photos, words and phrases, scissors, poster board

When we are all finished we will share with each other what it is we are desiring and what we placed on our boards and pages. This reinforces our desires and puts them out to the universe to answer.

Location Zoom

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Upcoming workshops:

August 28, 2021         12 – 4pm eastern
September 25, 2021   12 – 4pm eastern

Watch for new dates often

Vision Board Workshop

This is my vision board from September 2015.

I tell a story across the top: I am getting a sure start with my first collaborative book release opening doors to make more happen and strike a balance. The mermaid represents me as an angel reaching down to help others. I have a mirror in the middle so I can see myself in the vision. Across the bottom shows 2 vacationing spots. Only 2 months later Tony and I were invited to a wedding in Hawaii. We went to it for November 15th and had a wonderful vacation. So, my vision was created almost immediately.

You can do the same with your visions. Join me for a day of fun and creating your visions on paper.

Creation Journaling is where you keep a diary in the form of journaling and making pages with pictures and words that fit into what you are going through or what you want. If you want something you put pictures that represent that wish and you can journal with it, just put it away, or hang it up as a reminder that you will one day have your wish.

This page represents the marriage of my inner feminine and masculine. This is a result of working with the natural rhythms and my Priestess self. My feminine is fire and my masculine is water. They balance each other.


These 2 are for January and February, 2015. As you see I talk about beginning the new year and what I am associating it with. I want to feel great, and I CAN DO IT!! I am searching for my purpose and passion and will dive deeper this year to find it. I will broaden my horizons with any new found knowledge and apply it because it is finally a Time For Me to begin blossoming. I have many dreams and know they will come true on my new path because it is a new start and I will make a difference to a lot of people. In turn those people will help make my dreams come true.

                                                                 IMG_0006 IMG_0007

The following 2 continue on my journey for the year. I have to take many deep breaths to get centered and focus. My new journey is beginning and I am being called into action by my guides. I am getting charged up to be transformed into a strong, confident person and am gaining momentum for the journey. I am laying the foundation work and rebuilding my castle (my mind and body) to be a haven for others to learn from. In order to do all this I have to de-clutter my home and mind. I have way too much stuff and it just sits in boxes and bins around the house. This prevents me from focusing and accomplishing things. It also holds my health back. So when this is done I will advance much faster. I am very flexible because currently I am not working due to my health so I am mostly brushing up on my skills and doing practice sessions with my fellow graduates of Angel Communication at Angel’s Teach University. (A wonderful group of people). In all this I rely on God to keep me on my path. He sends the right messages to me at the right time.

                                                          IMG_0008  IMG_0009

In this one I am telling myself it is ok to sit back and have fun. I have always felt he need to be constantly on the go and try and work and help others. Unfortunately that poor attitude has held me back. Because my health issues are so many, I believe just the thought of not being able to work these last couple years has made me think I am not worthy and a lost soul. I have felt so guilty and thought I always had to be there for my kids. Well, that finally came to a big realization in August because I got into such bad shape physically it affected me mentally and I ended up hospitalized for a week. We are always told to put our oxygen mask on first then we can help others. Well, I never listened to that advice and it got me into trouble. Take it from me, YOU MUST PUT YOUR OXYGEN MASK ON FIRST!!!! I finally said no to helping others for now so I can become strong again and heal myself. This journal page is telling me it is ok. The puzzle is what I have been doing for the last several months and enjoying the relaxation in it. The owls indicate my animal guide in the respect to learning, the butterfly is transformation, and the angel and fairy are my beliefs and support system. I am beautiful on the inside indicates all the weight I put on and that even though I don’t look it, I AM beautiful. So my truth is that I am capable of anything and I have to learn how to put the negatives behind and put the positives in.


Love and Blessings,