Welcome to this week’s newsletter and card reading.

First I write what is written in a booklet I received with the cards then I do my own interpretation.

It is very ironic because I have only been doing these readings for a few weeks and I already pulled a duplicate card… VISUALIZE SUCCESS. So I am going to address it briefly. Our angels want us to always remember that if we want something strong enough we can visualize it and when we do so we can manifest it. Remember you can make a vision board that depicts what you want in your future.


Call upon Archangel’s Michael and Raphael to lift fear-based energy from you, your surroundings, this situation, and everyone involved.

From the booklet:

You may have absorbed some energies of fear from your own foreboding or from being with fearful people.

From Me:

Archangel’s Michael and Raphael are always available to help you with everything. When you are stressed and worried that little four letter word can creep in, FEAR. You can Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. I choose the latter one. With the help of these archangels, you can overcome all stress if you ask them for their help. This stress can be job related, from a relationship, and even yours or someone else’s health.

When this stress takes place you become disheveled and begin to worry. You can allow the fear to take over but if you want to Face it and Rise Archangel’s Michael and Raphael can guide you to learning how to overcome these instances. They will give you messages in forms of thoughts and show you solutions through conversations, television shows and what you read. Keep your mind open to recognize these signs and your life will improve immensely. It is time to cleanse your body of any residual energies.

Action Steps from my booklet:

To vacuum yourself or another person, just say: Archangels Michael and Raphael, I call upon you and your healing Band of Mercy Angels to come now with your spiritual vacuum cleaner. Please deposit the vacuum hose through the crown chakra and suction away toxic, fear-based, or entity energy.

(If you don’t know what the crown chakra is, it is the energy field in the top of our heads)

Now to share some info from me

I am happy to announce I will be a co-host on Angelic Realms Radio weekly beginning August 3rd. Once I have the links available I will share them with you. On the show we will discuss what each of us offers in respect to our own businesses and personal lives. We will offer short readings for those who call in and guide them to understand their messages. Each week we will focus on a different subject, beginning with “All About the Arch Angels”. So if you didn’t know who Archangel’s Michael and Raphael are you will learn about them on this first episode on August 10th, the week after the premier episode.

I am also working with La Shonda Herring to plan an online summit regarding empowering people. La Shonda’s background is of various forms to treat the whole person. Her training includes Reiki I, Hypnotherapy, Law of Attraction Practitioner, Unity principles and in traditional education. She has conducted workshops, retreats and groups throughout the US for non-profits and government agencies. La Shonda encourages you through exercises to challenge who you are presenting to the world, how to make changes so you can find your passion and obtain your hearts desires. You can learn more about her on her website

Between us we offer a wide range of experience in empowerment. We will be looking for speakers in the mental illness arena and the spiritual arena. More to come…As we begin to firm up our plans I will share them in my newsletters.

The 365 Life Shifts book is still open to contributing authors.

If you would like to be a contributing author in the next book of the 365 series you can learn more here:

We would love for you to join us as a contributing author in our next book from the 365 Book Series! It’s called “365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything!”  This is the third book in our #1 bestselling series, and registration is officially open! To celebrate, we’re offering a discount to everyone who signs up this month as a special thank you! We just opened registration and almost 300 days are already reserved, so it’s a good idea to sign up soon to secure your spot(s) while space is still available!

I will be contributing 3 stories to this book and you can submit 1, 2, or 3 of your own stories with an average of 250 words each.

I offer many programs and would love for you to learn more about them. As you know from my last newsletter, I offer a vision board class Saturday’s. I teach angel communication with angel oracle cards and have a spiritual meetup weekly. You can learn more at my website and if you live close to Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, I would love to get together with you at one of my events.

Love and Blessings,