Testimonials about my readings and podcast interviews

Victoria Ruke
Working with Catherine was such an awesome experience. She was so easy to talk to and made me feel so comfortable with my newest chapter in life. Her gift and heart for people is so evident and her bubbly spirit is absolutely contagious. I have no doubt that she will help hundreds of people who need guidance in their life!

Jo Anne
Hi Catherine.  Thank you for your insights and guidance from above! You mentioned that you hold classes at times. I would like to attend. You really made such a positive impact on me and I cannot thank you enough! I send you prayers for good health and continued success.
Sincerely,  Jo Anne

Linda Graziano
Thank you so much, Catherine! It was a pleasure talking with you today. Thanks for the card reading on “Career Change.” I had an Akashic Record Reading done for me today. And she mentioned that I would be making a change in my career and that I’m needing to bring more depth to my work. So that’s interesting that you both saw that for me. 🙂 And it’s also interesting that I’m writing a letter to my email list at this time of night….like you mentioned that nighttime may be a good time for me. 🙂 

I felt very satisfied and at peace with all that Catherine related. As we began, she said Adeline wants to say hello.
I was shocked. Adeline was a mother of a girlfriend in high school. Her mother & I
were close during those years.
My mother’s presence was very clear. She knows I’m having issues with a sibling. Catherine asked if my mom was a
“go between” for my siblings & myself. I told her big time.  I got an apology from a person, my dad popped in just
to let me know he was there & a very important friend came through.
Catherine’s book, Journey Of Angelic Healing tells all about her life & the path she had to take to get to where she is
today made me realize so many things about myself. She talks about her illnesses & suicide attempts & the part her
family played in her journey, the good & the not so good. She always felt there was a higher power and that’s the
reason none of these thoughts or one attempt came to end her life. She talks of the color Turquoise and how her
Angels came to her & told her “To Brighten Her Day With Turquoise” & how it has a calming effect on one’s feelings.
Now I always have a turquoise for the day, a ring, a bracelet, shirt, etc.
I would totally recommend a reading & buying Catherine Laub’s book. She’s the real thing. Look her up, get a reading,
read her book, you will be more than satisfied.
Gloria K.

Whether I’m in a positive or negative situation in life, I always reach out to Cathy for a card reading. Every reading received has guided me and provided strength, confidence and reassurance that I am where I should be at that moment.  Cathy does an amazing job articulating her vision.  I Highly recommend working with Catherine.

Catherine, Thank you for the reading I received Jan 6, 2016. I was blown away by your capability and the things that were brought forth from the angels. In particular, the question about my mother’s pearls. I have had them since she passed 40 years ago. I never realized that my having them is her way of showing me love. Thank you again and let’s do keep in touch.
Blessings and Love, Sandi

It was really great meeting you Catherine! Thank you for the on point reading I hope to hear from you again soon

It was great chatting with you on Blab. I was glad to take part. You’re so inspiring! 

Roxanne Birney
Your story was amazing. God bless. You’re an amazing woman serving all other women. I love you. Hugs all day long.   

Seema Khaneja
Please do share link when you have it. And deep gratitude to you for sharing about your healing so openly. What a blessing for all of us! We can only heal together!

Ambika Devi 
Catherine is a great host and really loves to get to know what you do. I am grateful to have been interviewed by her!

Heather Poduska
Catherine Laub is a beautiful soul who is a medium, psychic and the host of her own show. She has overcome many obstacles in life to go on and be a beacon for others.
Good luck. Xoxo Heather