Take Your Time April 12 2018

Welcome to this week’s newsletter and card reading.

I hope this finds you well and in good spirits.

With my readings First, I do my own interpretations then, I write what is written in a booklet I received with the cards.

From the Archangel Michael oracle card deck

From Me:

This is interesting because Mercury is in Retrograde and when this occurs you are advised to hold off on signing any contracts.
The color white is very prominent and represents purity, kindness, love, etc. Take this time to love one another and spend time together doing the things you normally put off. Since you can’t rely on everything flowing correctly during the retrograde, you may as well enjoy time with others or accomplishing a task you have put off for a while. 
Archangel Michael is looking to the past. He seems to be preparing to let go of what is old and create the new with the white foundation. This foundation is for creating new ideas and putting them into action. Remember to put off those final decisions until after the retrograde so things come together smoothly.
**According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, Several times a year, it appears as if Mercury is going backwards. These times in particular were traditionally associated with confusions, delay, and frustration.
Perhaps Mercury’s retrograde periods can cause our plans to go awry. However, this is an excellent time to reflect on the past. It’s said that intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary.
Mercury Retrograde Dates 2018
**March 23 to April 15

**July 26 to August 19
**November 17 to December 6
The Card ReadsArchangel Michael, please help me stay strong and relaxed as I approach this situation.  Remind me to detach and step back, allowing the situation to naturally unfold.  Thank you for protecting me.

From the booklet: You’ve asked about a situation where there’s confusion or indecision, and this card is a sign that you shouldn’t rush into anything. More information will be revealed as time passes, which will naturally guide your actions. There’s no need to force anything right now. The opportunity won’t go away if you don’t jump on it immediately, and others will wait for you.
Positive specific meaningsDon’t sign the contract yet – negotiate for a better deal • Slow down the speed of a new relationship • Ask more questions before saying yes • Investigate your options and alternatives • Don’t be pressured by other people, as they’re only thinking of themselves

Let’s talk Self Help, Spirituality and More

My interview with Jim ‘Bubba’ Bay: A Near Death Experience, Miracle on Hammertown Road recently aired and I am sharing his info so you can learn more from him.
**The night of November 15, 2009 is one that Jim “Bubba” Bay will never forget.  Walking on a dark road in Pine Plains, New York, he stepped backward out of the path of an oncoming truck – and plummeted 14 feet down a rocky gully, breaking 23 bones in his body, including 11 ribs, 10 vertebrae, his skull and his left scapula.  What happened next changed his life forever, and many of the readers who have read about Jim Bay’s story – as described in his book, “Miracle on Hammertown Road” say that their lives have been changed, too.
**”Bubba” Bay has been a lifelong resident of upstate New York. He is an author, inspirational speaker, Landscaper. He also has worked for many years at his family’s gas station. He has 5 children, Logan and Lauryn and Jon, and sons Robert and James Ulysses in Heaven. Bubba’s favorite activity, besides spending time with his family, is metal-detecting.
** Check out Bubba’s book, “Miracle on Hammertown Road” where he Recounts his Near Death Experience and His Passion for Life. Jim advises my listeners should come away inspired and seeing that maybe their problems aren’t so bad after all. Also their faith may become stronger.
Listen here: http://www.rhgtvnetwork.com/media/317915  
I would love to hear your comments on Jim. You can send those comments to catherine@catherinemlaub.com

 ~~ Learn about Subliminal Personal hypnosis:

To learn more about the specific ways hypnosis can help you overcome your own obstacles to enjoy life to the fullest, visit Steve’s online library of different life changes that can be made through hypnosis. Start today to make the lasting changes that will make each day a more positive, productive one. http://www.betterlivingwithhypnosis.com/click.php?p=1&a=cathyqs


~~Now to share some info from me

Always remember:

Brighten Your Day With Turquoise

Turquoise is a calming color and helps us focus well

 My Journey

I apologize for not being up to date with my newsletter but I will be refocusing back toward it so you can receive my readings.

~~My new adventure is Organization and I will continually share my progress. I have accomplished a lot already and I can see the floor of my office!! At the same time I dismantled my Christmas Village in my living room. I am balancing how much I do in each room so it doesn’t seem as overwhelming to actually complete each process. I plan to use my own experience to become a professional organizer.

See my photos below! You can also see a video on YouTube as I walk around the office pointing out all the “stuff”.



Any time you want to call me, please leave a clear message with your phone number with area code saying it slowly so I can understand it and get back to you a.s.a.p. 631-619-2040 I share this line with my husband’s business too.

We do not answer the phone much because we get too many scams and our caller ID doesn’t read out for us, so it is imperative that you leave a message!!

**I still have many of my custom photo frames for sale. If you would like to purchase them, please email me at cathysquests@yahoo.com and I will send you photos of the designs I have left and the fabric I can make new ones with.


I am mentioned in this Huffington Post article as one of the authors of The Grandmother Legacies with Rebecca Hall Gruyter 

***As a reminder, my bigger focus now is to speak on stages sharing my story of mental illness. I plan to write a book as a support if you need guidance how to come through your stressful times.
***Here is one of my stages: I was interviewed live on Empowering Women, Transforming Lives Radio with Rebecca Hall Gruyter    October 17th.  You can listen here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/102684/discover-how-to-beat-stress-step-into-your-power-and-potential
I interviewed with Rebecca again on November 21, 2017 also on Empowering Women, Transforming Lives Radio with Rebecca Hall Gruyter You can listen here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/ episode/103425/the- grandmother-legacies-part-1- of-4-in-special-series
***If you live on Long Island and know of networking groups that don’t have a fee, please send me their information. I am ready to get back out there and work with others on my journey. Thank you!!
***If you ever want me to share something related to spirituality, please send me an email at Catherine@catherinemlaub.com


~~My husband Tony is still selling specialized ski poles. These poles have a special handle that screws off so you can carry any liquid with you and have it conveniently available any time you are on the ski slope. www.swigmeister.com *******************************************************************************************

~~If you want to be connected to many more spiritual and self-help people you can do so at The Hay House Wisdom Community. I have learned a lot from all these people over the last 25 years. There are so many authors and speakers that you can learn any platforms you want. Louise Hay started her foundation many years ago and built it to be a well-known company throughout the world.

HAY HOUSE:  https://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=4631&s1=
You can also listen to their radio programs daily. https://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=4971&s1=
If you want to learn about specific people you can check each one below

Robert Holden Loving Yourself: Online Video Course: https://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=4357&p=r&s1=
Marianne Williamson teaches Return to Love:  https://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=4357&p=r&s1=
John Edward, Psychic, teaches Project You Online Course: https://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=4356&p=r&s1=
Wayne Dyer, Father of Motivation: Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose https://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=4361&p=r&s1=
Cheryl Richardson The Art of Extreme Self-Care; Transform Your Life One Month at a Time http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=5461&p=r&s1=
The Adventures of The Soul by James Van Praagh  Online Course http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=1159&p=r&s1=
Colette Baron-Reid Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind 4 Lesson Video Course  http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=1183&p=r&s1=
Psychic Ability Made Simple Three-Lesson Live Online Course with Psychic Medium John Holland  http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=1238&p=r&s1=
Angel Dreams Interpretation by  Doreen Virtue, Melissa Virtue http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=1288&p=r&s1=
Secrets of Meditation: Manifesting Your Deepest Desires through the Art of Meditation Three-Lesson Online Course with Meditation Master by  davidji http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=1400&p=r&s1=
Stubborn Fat Gone Online Course Jorge Cruise  http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=1416&p=r&s1=
21 Days to Fabulous, Glorious Abundance! by  Denise Linn  http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=1660&p=r&s1=
Soul Coaching®: The Ultimate Inner and Outer Clutter Clearing Program by  Denise Linn  http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=2275&p=r&s1=
Your Career Transformation Program by  Susan Bernstein http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=2283&p=r&s1=
You Can Trust Your Life: Create Your Best Year Yet!  by  Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson  http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=2289&p=r&s1=
The Courage to Be Creative Enjoy Success From Your Creativity Doreen Virtue http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=2342&p=r&s1=
Introduction to Numerology A Powerful Tool to Understand Yourself and Others, and Plan Your Future  by  Michelle Buchanan http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=2507&p=r&s1=
Lasting Weight Loss A Mind-Body Approach to Slimming Down Jillian Michaels http://hhafftrk.com/?a=478&c=4873&p=r&s1=

~~I am looking for opportunities to speak to groups about my journey with mental illness. Please keep me in your thoughts for this to start coming to fruition so I can help others. If you know of an offer, please email me at cathysquests@yahoo.com

Remember to keep mental illness sufferers in your thoughts and prayers. You can learn more how to help at NAMI https://www.nami.org/

~~MY BOOK  Journey of Angelic Healing, Stories to Feed Your Soul.

Please keep in mind while you are reading that I am bringing you these stories to inspire you to speak up if you feel you struggle with depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness. Do not be shy, please speak up because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there is help if you wish to seek it. http://www.catherinemlaub.com/books-by-catherine/

My Radio Show The Celestial Spoon

You can listen to replays at any time.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/spiritual-destinations/id1219783413

If you would like to sponsor my show, please contact me at catherine@catherinemlaub.com

~~Please remember when you listen to leave a comment, good or bad.

If you would like to interview with me for The Celestial Spoon, you can schedule an appointment with my calendar. Get in soon because you can interview with me for free. I will be asking a fee in the near future if you would like an interview with me. This is because I put in extensive amount of time to prepare for and work with you on the interview.
Please schedule here https://my.timetrade.com/book/957G2.  Once I have your information I will send you a questionnaire to prepare for our talk and for you to email back to me. These interviews will be recorded then scheduled for my show. You will receive a link for your recording that you can share with others. Please leave a comment on the broadcast page and let me know what you liked about my interview and what you didn’t like. I want to be sure I bring you the information you are looking for in the best way possible.

~~You can also listen on my other network… RHG TV Network produced by Rebecca Hall Gruyter. You can find out more here   http://www.rhgtvnetwork.com/categories/all  and http://www.rhgtvnetwork.com/category/31757

~~As always, if you would like to have a psychic reading you can book it through my website http://www.catherinemlaub.com/angels/ I can do readings in person, via phone or Skype.

~~If you or a friend ever has a question or needs to talk to me, please don’t hesitate to speak up. I have been through so much turmoil in my life that I know how much we all can use a helping hand. Know that I am here for you. I am here to serve and help. If you send me an email, please remember that I mostly answer after 9 pm because that is my best focus time. If it is to make an appointment, you can call me at 631-619-2040. If we don’t answer the phone, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I appreciate hearing from you. Let me know if you ever have any questions.

Love and Blessings,


Catherine M Laub

Your Turquoise Angel Guide
Radio Show Host, Author, Speaker
Workshop Coordinator
Psychic and Spiritual Consultant

I am very spiritual and love sharing about spirituality and inspiration. I am a Radio Show Host of Spiritual Destinations. I am  certified as an Angel Communication Master and do psychic angel card readings. I am a thirteen time best-selling author and speak out about mental illness in my campaign “Brighten Your Day with Turquoise”.

I live in New York with my husband, Tony, and between us we have 7 children,  15 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. The only “family” that lives with us is Miss Luci Anna, our little Yorkie and Kandi, our very big American Bulldog. They keep us busy letting them out then in, over and over all day.

* If you are a business owner you can learn about some of the organizations I am a member of and consider joining them.

Women’s Prosperity Networkhttp://www.womensprosperitynetwork.com
516ads:     http://516ads.com/profile/CatherineMLaub
Women Speakers Association via Espeakers.comhttps://www.espeakers.com/marketplace/speaker/profile/28503/Catherine-M-Laub?showunsubscribed=true&norecord=&dont_show_headers=true
The Wellness Universehttp://thewellnessuniverse.com/directory/Catherine-M-Laub-Catherine-M-Laub-The-Celestial-Spoon-Inc_1336-wellness-profile.htm

You can find me at the following web addresses:
Website:   www.catherinemlaub.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/catherine.laub.54
LinkedIn:   https://www.linkedin.com/in/catherinemlaub
Twitter:     https://twitter.com/cathysquests
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/catherinemlaub
Skype:        cathyml58h
Ezine Articles: http://ezinearticles.com/expert/Catherine_M_Laub/1894884

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