Journey of Angelic Healing

Stories to Feed Your Soul

Reading these stories will show you how my healing and spiritual journey has brought me to being “Your Turquoise Angel Guide”. As Your Turquoise Angel Guide I give you loving guidance with your life and help you make wise choices for your future.


My Healing Journey
My Journey to the Stage
My Journey and Destiny with Mental Illness
Continuing My Journey
Realizing My Destiny
Grace Through Mental Illness
How the Angels Saved My Life
Sharing the Journey of Healing
My Father Saved My Mother’s Life
Worthy of Respect
Losing a Parent
How I Unexpectedly Became a Psychic
Kandi and Miss Luci
It’s All In The Journey
God’s Help with Depression
Friendship and Angel Guidance
Brighten Your Day with Turquoise to Relieve Metal Illness
My Blossoming Journey
Spiritual Destinations

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