Do you have too much STUFF and don’t know where to begin to de-clutter your home? Does stuff just pile up and your depression and anxiety kick in because you are just so lost in the shuffle?

Do you sometimes spend hours trying to find something to only give up and go but it again? While you are searching do you talk to yourself and say things like Why do I do this?, What is wrong with me that I can’t get organized? Why can’t I find this thing that I just had in my hand yesterday? 

Do you cry while searching for everything?

Do you walk past a room and say I will do this room tomorrow but tomorrow never comes?

I feel that way every day!!

My “Stuff” adds to my depression and causes overwhelm.

My relationship with my husband, Tony, is a struggle because he is a neat freak. 

As a border line hoarder I know it’s hard to let go.


I began my journey of CLEARING THE CLUTTER and am happy to say I am making progress rather quickly!!

Watch this short video that shows the “stuff” in my office 

Here are the before pictures so you can see where I am coming from in my journey.

This is looking into my office . I have tons of papers including magazines, recipes and articles that I never have time for. They will be sorted and thrown away. I have many various types of items and they need to be put together in categories. I have many empty bins and storage items that are empty waiting for the organization to take place. 

    I cleared an area for my easy movement

As you can see, there is another desk in there but it wasn’t accessible.

This is what I took out of that area and lined up in the hall 

These magazines are many years old and will go in the donation pile for the Veterans hospital

  I have about 50 more in the basement!!

Different angles of the office. Look at my desk, I can’t even use it!





Here we have my front hall which is being worked on between things. I have piles by the front door to be donated. There are baby items that will go to my granddaughter for her son who will arrive right around her birthday in August. Some stuff is still from Christmas and I have to pack it away. The floor will be redone with ceramic tiles in a lighter color.


The plants need trimming and the large pot needs to be disposed 


Various sections in Living Room

Please follow my CLUTTER CLEARING JOURNEY and find it to be an inspiration to finally make the decision to clear your own clutter.

Love and Blessings,