Organic Foods March 30 2017

Organic Foods March 30 2017

Welcome to this week’s newsletter and card reading.
First, I do my own interpretations then, I write what is written in a booklet I received with the cards.

 Organic Foods from the Archangel Raphael Oracle deck

 The card reads: Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for supporting my desire to consume and use organic products

From Me:

This is interesting because I’m staying in the hospital with my mother and she just finished her dinner. There were grape tomatoes and lettuce. These are also in the picture. Besides the message from the card itself, we are being told to look for coincidences in our daily actions. These are messages to confirm what you were thinking about and if you weren’t thinking about anything specific, take some time to recognize what the message is.
 Another part of the message is to get back to basics. This continues on our journey through the year. First we did clearing and now it is time to create foundations. These foundations will be your strength and power for all things. Try not to make it too complex because that makes things happen slower. When you have a good foundation it helps you build a better future.

 From the booklet:

You must be very sensitive to chemicals in order to receive this card. Archangel Raphael is recommending that you consume organic foods to eliminate and reduce harmful pesticides from your body. Most likely, you’ve been getting feelings or thoughts in this direction already, and this card is additional validation that you’re hearing your Divine guidance accurately.
Although these all-natural products may cost more, they’re actually economical investments in your long-term health. Studies show that organic produce contains more vitamins and minerals. From a spiritual standpoint, organic produce is generally raised with loving energy on small and local farms. The increased energy that comes from eating a chemical-free diet is a valuable benefit that pays dividends I many ways.
Possible specific meanings: Start an organic garden; it’s time to replace junk food with whole foods. Use eco-friendly cleaning products. Use organic personal-care items

Let’s talk Spirituality

Those angels really work well through me. I did a search for spirituality subjects and this is what I found.  It is a manual on line that may be of interest to some of you. It is geared toward spirituality and mental illness.
They define spirituality as that which gives people meaning and purpose in life (Puchalski, 2001). For some, it can be achieved through participation in religion. For others, it can be broader and include involvement in altruistic or creative aspects of one’s cultural background or engagement with music, meditation, and nature.
Although this manual is geared toward health facilities helping patients coping with illness, it is still a great guide to learn coping skills through spirituality. I haven’t read all of it yet but wanted to share it and welcome comments on it.
Find it here:

Now to share some info from me

My Journey

There is a lot going on this week. Although I am in the hospital with my mother I have my laptop with me and am managing to work here and there.

~~The biggest thing is My Radio Show Spiritual Destinations
It is live and will be played every Sunday night at 7 pm Eastern. You will also be able to listen to replays. It isn’t on all the networks yet but one step at a time.
You can listen to my interview with Terry Dika Volchoff, a Transformational Catalyst, on how she helps entrepreneurs break free from the limitations of their mind to fearlessly pursue their goals and desires with an unwavering inner confidence
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~~You can also listen on a brand new network… RHG TV Network produced by Rebecca Hall Gruyter. You can find out more here and just click on the photo for Spiritual Destinations
~~Rebecca is also running several Speaker Talent Searches and I should hear soon if I am chosen as a winner. This will be an opportunity to begin speaking on stages and to groups about my journey with mental illness.
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