Nourish Your Soul with Catherine M Laub and Guests Thank you

Thank you for signing up for our book series

Nourish Your Soul with Catherine M Laub

and her Inspirational Guests


I am excited to be working with you again!


Once again, Congratulations! You are one of my first 15 guests.


*You will have Your Own Chapter and We’ll Just Plug In Your Podcast Interview With Me

*Once we have a book cover created I will create a banner to go on the RHG network page. This will build the hype of looking forward to buying your book.

*You will also get the visibility of all the other authors who are included because all of them will be promoting the book to their readers as well.

*Once the book is in print you can sell it at whatever price you want. You will get an author’s discount on whatever quantity of the book you want to sell.

*You have already done all the work. You will just have to review the content and approve it for release.

We will transcribe your interview then choose the highlights of our conversation to be featured in your own chapter!

If you prefer to read the transcript yourself and select the features you may request to do so.

Once this is completed we will send you the copy in an email for you to edit if necessary and approve it for addition to the book.

I will email you a contract to sign and email back to me as soon as possible.

You will also receive an invoice to make your payment.

Once I receive your payment and signed contract I will get the interview transcribed then begin deciding the best parts to include.

Please remember to continue sharing your interview and listen to the others that spark your interest. Also leave a 5 star review and comment. This will help the ratings stay in the top 3.


If you have any questions you can contact me at [email protected]

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