My New Beginnings

I am adventuring out into different areas of spirituality and healing.

I will continue taking various courses to help me do this.

I will be writing books and publishing them within the next two years.

I will open a store/retreat nearby in the next two years.

The following are questions asked of me to see if I qualify as a candidate for business coaching. From the time I first answered them I made the choice to hire a coach for me and my husband.

  1. Why are you interested to talk to Suzanne? She has great insights and is a straight shooter. After listening to her describing setback possibilities and overcoming them I believe she can help guide me on my course quickly since I don’t have many setbacks.
  2. What is your greatest challenge currently? My greatest challenge currently is my health.
  3. What is your vision and what do you want to change now? My vision is to open a store/retreat with varied opportunities. I will sell spiritual and inspirational items including books, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. I will provide a relaxing atmosphere for people to come and just hang out while getting away from their stress. Calming music will be played and they can read magazines and books I supply for that reason. They can talk to me or others there. I will also have a table set up with a jigsaw puzzle for anyone to sit and work on. There will be another table for creation journaling and vision boards where they can use my tools and purchase other supplies from me and work on them there. My Angel Card Readings will be done in a separate room and I will offer small paid courses with a variety of speakers. I will also write books to publish and then will do seminars possibly with the Hay House team. I am working on a website so I can become an affiliate marketer. That will help bring in lots of money to open my store.
  4. What is your business or plan and how do you feel Suzanne can help you? My business plan is to start by doing Angel card readings via email and telephone so I don’t have an overhead yet. I will complete my website and set up affiliate links to bring in added income. I will start a savings account just for my store/retreat facility and all the added expenses. I feel Suzanne can help me by giving me ideas how to achieve this in a small amount of time. I am also learning structure from Suzanne. It has been a long time since I had focus and concentration so the structure Suzanne gives me will help overcome this setback.
  5. Are you looking to hire a coach, strategist, mentor or trainer at this time? If not now, when? Yes I actually just hired Suzanne for her inspiration.
  6. What is your current revenue? My current source of revenue is from my husband.
  7. What is your 6 month financial goal? My 6 month financial goal is $ 10,000.
  8. Do you have finances dedicated to invest in your business, project or vision? No I do not have finances dedicated to invest in my business at this time. I recently learned about Kickstarter for financing new projects, so when I have my full plan, I will write to them and lay out a plan.
  9. On a scale of 1-10 how important is it to you to make the changes now? On a scale of 1 – 10 the importance of making changes now are 10.

As you can see I have high aspirations. I have confidence they will be true by the end of 2015.