Welcome to this week’s newsletter and card reading.

This card is uplifting. First I write what is written in a booklet with the cards then I do my own interpretation.


Your body is receiving accurate messages from the Divine

From the booklet:

Your angels want you to know that you’re always receiving Divine messages, even when you’re not noticing them. Most of these messages come through your physical and emotional senses, as your body is extremely sensitive to subtle energies. Sometimes you may not understand your feeling, yet they always have accurate, underlying wisdom.

From Me:

I am seeing a lot of love and beauty in this card with a lot of happiness. This is a time of celebration because things are coming into focus for most of us. I’m getting a sense of endings and new beginnings. The moon and the stars are guiding us with their energetic pulls. With this week’s new moon we can expect many positive changes when we take action on our goals and dreams.

Remember to pay attention for those Divine messages in the many forms they can appear. You may hear something that repeats in several ways; radio, TV, someone talking, etc. You may see repeating numbers that make you think of someone or something. For example a date that you began something and never finished it, so now is the time to get back to it. You may see someone’s picture then a relative will mention that person, or out of the blue you will think of them. This is their way of letting you know they are around. The angels will give you signs to help remember something you have wanted to do but put it on the side. This confirms it is time to begin again.

Action Steps from my booklet:

Notice any tension in your body, which is a signal that your muscles are reacting to the energies of your (or other people’s) thoughts and emotions. Close your eyes and imagine having a conversation with a tense muscle group I your body. Ask the muscles, “Why are you tense?” Listen for the answer, which will come to you as a thought, feeling, or even words or visions. Your body will tell you how it’s reacting to your job, relationships, friends, and other life areas. Trust your body’s truthful wisdom!

Now to share some info from me

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