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Gloria  ***This one is about both my book and a reading I did. Thank you Gloria for a wonderful testament to my skills!!
I recently had a reading with Catherine Laub and am very happy to say I was not disappointed but felt very satisfied and at piece with all that she related.
Before we even started the session, she told me there was someone in my presence who just wanted to say hello.  She said this person related to her she knew me many many years ago and her name was Adeline.
I was shocked.  Adeline was a mother of a girlfriend in high school and we hung out at her house almost everyday.  We used to call her mother “A” for short.  Her mother & I were pretty close during those years & she passed about 3 years ago.  If I had to think to myself who would be the last person I would expect to come through, I still wouldn’t think of “A”.
The rest of the reading with Catherine’s Angel cards & visions went extremely good.  The one person I wanted to hear from was my mother & her presence was very clear.  My mother passed November 30th 2006 & there is not a day that goes by where I don’t talk to her & sometimes call upon her for her help. Sometimes I’ll just say out loud, Would you believe what just happened, Mom or use an expression in Yiddish that she would say.  She related she’s always with me & knows I’m having issues with a sibling.  Catherine asked me if my mom was always a “go between” between my siblings & myself.  I told her big time.  My mom never wanted her children not to be close & would always make sure we worked everything out.  She related to Catherine that help was on its way, so to speak!!  I feel so comforted knowing that my mom is still with me & when I talk to her, she hears me.
The rest of the reading was intriguing.  I got an apology from a person that should have apologized in life but was to much of a coward to do so, my dad popped in just to let me know he was there & a very important friend (more like a sister) came through but because I didn’t realize it was her until the session was over, I didn’t get to really hear from her.  I do plan to have another session and be very aware of all who come through.
After my session I purchased Catherine’s book, Journey Of Angelic Healing.
Reading all about the authors life & the path she had to take to get to where she is today made me realize so many things about myself.
She talks about her illnesses & suicide attempts & the part her family played in her journey, the good & the not so good.  She always felt there was a higher power and that’s the reason none of these thoughts or one attempt came to end her life.
She talks of the color Turquoise and how her Angels came to her & told her “To Brighten Her Day With Turquoise” & how it has a calming effect on ones feelings.  My moms favorite colors were yellow & turquoise & my kitchen & bedroom are in those colors.  Now I always manage to have a turquoise something on as part of my dress for the day, a ring, a bracelet, shirt, etc.
All in all I would totally recommend a reading & buying Catherine Laub’s book.  She’s the real thing & has a business The Celestial Spoon because it Feeds Your Soul.  She also has a radio show Spiritual Destinations.  Look her up, get a reading, read her book, you will be more than satisfied.
Gloria K.