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I will do a one card email reading as an introduction to psychic angel readings

Do you have low self-esteem or problems sleeping?

Do you feel confused or like something is stuck?

Are you frustrated and second guess yourself?

Are you looking for guidance in finding a job?

Do you know your questions?

Do you need answers?

I can tune into your angels and help you find some solutions.

Angel readings will give you spiritual and healing support.

With the help of our angels during a reading I will help you decipher your life situations and plan for a better future.

I will help you gain strength, confidence, clarity and reassurance.



Please specify if you would like a Specific Question Answered or Angel’s Choice.

After I receive your information I will do your reading within 5 days and email it to you.

I will set it up in a PDF file.

I use various card decks and will use the one that I feel will be right for each reading. 

Sign  up for an Introductory Email Psychic Angel Reading


Whether I’m in a positive or negative situation in life, I always reach out to Cathy for a card reading. Every reading received has guided me and provided strength, confidence and reassurance that I am where I should be at that moment.  Cathy does an amazing job articulating her vision.  I Highly recommend working with Catherine.

Sandra Cherry January 7, 2016
Thank you for the reading I received Jan 6, 2016. I was blown away by your capability and the things that were brought forth from the angels. In particular, the question about my mother’s pearls. I have had them since she passed 40 years ago. I never realized that my having them is her way of showing me love. Thank you again and let’s do keep in touch.
Blessings and Love,