Integrity April 12 2017

Welcome to this week’s newsletter and card reading. 

Tony and I wish you a Happy Easter and Happy Passover. I didn’t even realize it was here already!! Enjoy all the wonderful food and goodies you receive.

With my readings First I do my own interpretation, then I write what is written in a booklet I received with the cards. 

Integrity April 12, 2017 from Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Deck 

The card reads: I trust my ability to know what is true for me
From Me:
I was guided to choose this deck by the angels. They want you to know that everything you do in life you must do it with love and respect for others. When we have integrity it shows our authenticity and that we really do care.
Everything starts with an idea. We all birth these ideas and create projects with them. Our “mother” guides us to go forward with caution because if you start a project without a plan it may fall apart too quickly. Do your homework and be sure to put all your steps on a list to be sure you don’t leave anything out.
Many of us do share with our Mothers or other supportive women when we begin something new. Remember to respect this person and listen carefully to any advice she gives because she may give you the missing link

From the booklet:

The situation you are asking about involves someone’s integrity. This card comes as guidance to pay attention to your body’s signals, because you can sense whether someone is being honest. Mother Mary is a wonderful role model of gently ad lovingly demanding that others live truthfully. You can do the same with the people in your life. You can also avoid those aren’t acting with integrity. Either way, trust your gut feelings to steer you toward individuals who tell the truth and who “walk their talk.”
This card also asks you to tell the truth yourself, even if you’re uncomfortable with the possible reaction. Prayer can guide your words, give you courage to speak up, and help create a healthy atmosphere of honest communication.

Let’s talk Spirituality


We all think meditation has to be sitting still and “listening’ for messages. This is what I used to believe. But after interviewing some people for my radio show I learned so much more about meditating.
We can do what I mentioned above and get bored with “waiting” for those messages. Or we can choose another method. There are many recordings on YouTube that guide you through a visualization. This is one of the most popular ones. A walk through the woods, a park, or even your back yard and looking at nature you become connected to the beauty and begin to receive messages. You have to remember to listen for them, or you may feel differently. While you are in the shower allow the water to wash away any negativity you may be holding. Then again, listen and visualize any messages you may receive.
Meditation can help many issues, such as Health Consciousness, Relieving Stress and Anxiety, Grounding, Healing your Inner Child, Getting Clear on Relationships, even as simple as relaxation and learning how to breathe better.
There are many more reasons you would meditate. If you google meditation you will find many ways and many links to recordings to listen to.

Now to share some info from me

 My Journey

I finally feel like I can breathe a little more. My mother is feeling much better and my siblings are helping by taking her to doctor visits. I will stay with her in NY City for the 5 days a month because my schedule is flexible. 
I attended a speaker training program last week and was re-certified as a speaker. I had a great time working with my sisters from the Women’s Prosperity Network. 
I am back on track with my radio interviews and am excited because they are finally up live!! 
Tomorrow I will learn if I have any offers from my speaker talent search application. I applied again for the next round with different panelists and new offers. I was accepted as a finalist for this too and have to submit another 7 minute video for my advancement.
This will be an opportunity to begin speaking on stages and to groups about my journey with mental illness. 

~~My Radio Show Spiritual Destinations

It is live and will be played every Sunday night at 7 pm Eastern. You will also be able to listen to replays. It isn’t on all the networks yet but one step at a time.
You can listen to my interview with La Shonda Herring, the founder of The H Zone. Because of her 20+ years of experience working with women uncovering their true essence and them evolving into who they were designed to be, she is known as the transformational Goddess. She works with women that are frustrated; feelings stuck and want more out of life. She moves them to peace, purpose and power by invoking their true essence – DIVA, QUEEN and GODDESS. The H Zone,
You can also hear the recording of Terry Dika Volchoff, a Transformational Catalyst, on how she helps entrepreneurs break free from the limitations of their mind to fearlessly pursue their goals and desires with an unwavering inner confidence 
If you would like to interview with me for Spiritual Destinations, you can schedule an appointment with my calendar. Please schedule here  Once I have your information I will send you a questionnaire to prepare for our talk and for you to email back to me. These interviews will be recorded then scheduled for my show. You will receive a link for your recording that you can share with others.
~~You can also listen on a brand new network… RHG TV Network produced by Rebecca Hall Gruyter. You can find out more here and just click on the photo for Spiritual Destinations.  There are already 5 recordings up there!! 
~~I am working with Rebecca Hall Gruyter on 2 new books. I already submitted my story for Bloom Where You are Planted and Shine. This book will release September 27th. The next book will be The Grandmother Legacies to be released by December 2017. I am excited to be working with Rebecca because she is my newest publisher, one of my radio producers, and she is in charge of the Speaker Talent Search. Here she interviewed me in February and was impressed by my story. She invited me to join the search and her 2 newest books. She is also putting me in contact with her colleagues to advance my speaking and more book opportunities.
I combined all my stories and am creating a book of my own so if you want to only read my stories they will be available all together. I will update as the process advances. So far we came up with a name combining all my skills: My Journey of Angelical Healing Stories to feed your Soul.


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 ~~I am working with La Shonda Herring to put together a Telesummit. More details will follow as we create it. It is The Women’s Healing & Empowerment Summit. Learn from 10 women’s journeys:  how they overcame their struggle and pain to walk into their destiny. From May 10th to 19th: Each night a different amazing Dynamic woman sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise’s for 1 hour.
We will be hosting a live Q & A retreat. Come join us to hear them speak live! Ask them any question you have. They will also share information that was not in their presentation. 
~~As always, if you would like to have a psychic reading you can book it through my website I can do readings in person, via phone or Skype. 
~~If you or a friend ever has a question or needs to talk to me, please don’t hesitate to speak up. I am here to serve and help. I have been through so much turmoil in my life that I know how much we all can use a helping hand. Know that I am here for you. I am here to serve and help. If you send me an email, please remember that I mostly answer after 9 pm because that is my best focus time. If it is something urgent, you can call me at 631-619-2040. 
~~I offer many programs and would love for you to learn more about them. As you know, I offer a vision board class Saturday’s. I teach angel communication with angel oracle cards and have a spiritual meetup weekly. You can learn more at my website and if you live close to Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, I would love to get together with you at one of my events.
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