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Nourish Your Soul with Catherine M Laub

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Catherine holds discussions with guest speakers on Spirituality, Self Help, Organization and Mental Illness. She shows real interest in her guests and interacts with them in a caring way.    
Most of my interviews are with people who help people. Spiritual can mean anything so the interviews can be about almost any subject and success. 
If you are interested and have questions you can email me at [email protected]
I will share about my own spiritual journey and how I tied it into recovering from health issues and interacted with clutter and organization.
If you would like to share your message through your life purpose and how you help others, please sign up for an interview with Catherine.
Catherine’s business name is “The Celestial Spoon, Inc.” Her tag line is “It Feeds Your Soul” She is grateful for her angels giving her this name and realizes now that she is feeding many souls through her own journey.
Catherine speaks about mental illness in her campaign “Brighten Your Day with Turquoise”, where she shares her own journey with mental illness and a suicide attempt. She guides others to feel invigorated and empowered to go forward in their own struggles.
Catherine’s message is that you are not alone and there is a support system waiting for you.
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These interviews are recorded and will be aired according to my schedule on Sunday nights.