Excitement from My Spirit Visit

Meditation at Pat’s Monday January 17, 2011

On my way my pocketbook called Mommy. She called me back thinking I called her but I couldn’t get to it so she called me with Daddy’s phone. I said where I was going. When I left Pat’s I tried to find my phone in my pocketbook but had no luck. When I got home and called her she said is this me or my pocketbook? So my pocketbook called her again!! LOL

We went into the woods and were surrounded by all kinds of trees (the grey one stuck out with me) Then we were on a bridge where we were safe and nobody could harm us. Then we saw a stream and heard the water. I bounced back and forth from there to the brook upstate. We saw the leaf floating by hitting the rocks in the water. We were told to bring through whoever is there. First Uncle Joe came to me and we bounced to the end of the porch outside the workroom then back to the brook where Uncle Andrew joined us. I started to cry first I fought it but then it was too much and I just let it out. The tears just kept falling. I asked what they wanted to tell me but I was scared and kept saying I’m on the bridge in a safe place. Then I saw the pool and the snakes but it was like the brook ended then began again right before the pool. So I didn’t go in near the snakes. Momoo Kept popping in with just her face and white hair. Then from my back right side was Frank Ardito and from Uncle Andrew’s back left side was Joe Striano but just his face.

Me sharing my excitement with my mother.

When we were back I blurted out still crying that I saw 2 uncles then my grandmother. They said that’s great! What a breakthrough. I told them what I saw and how I cried and they said that was my first spirit connection and it was a great one. They were all smiling widely before they said anything and I didn’t know why. I said I was bouncing around from our place to upstate then to the living room.

Winter saw a maternal grandfather wearing a plaid shirt with suspenders about 5’8” or 5’9” and his wife is standing next to him (to his right) and her hair was up to here (above shoulder) most of her life. She saw country but I said that so she asked for more validation. He told her she doesn’t need validation. I shook my head right. What about the deer? Did they go deer hunting? Yes!!

Popop & Momoo and all the relatives, fireworks behind me and hooter and hollering that they got through. They’re having a party and said they are going on the cruise with me and can’t wait to talk to me there. They are happy because they haven’t been to those places yet. They all said to let Mommy know and to send her their love.

I said I felt like a hot flash but from my head to my feet and my legs were shaking then my body.

Pete kept seeing home interiors for me like a job. I said my daughter worked in it.

Go home and pet Miss Luci. Animals are grounded because they are close to the floor. That after a first experience the energy flows through us and we have to be grounded to relax.

Pete said he kept hearing Mame, Meme, Meme.  I said Aunt Teresa who just died recently. Pat said a neighbor.

Pete waved his hands over both my hands to feel the difference then did some healing on my right hand. I felt a twinge of electricity go through where my cut was.

Healing on each other:  I was first and saw a quick vision of a tree which brought

me to “my tree”. I then saw myself leaning on it and sliding down and connecting with the ground (like my meditation years ago). I saw the big field around me. Winter said I was grounding myself. Pete asked if the tree was narrow on the bottom and opened out wide and round and was it red. I said I didn’t see colors but he described the tree exactly right. When we worked on him I heard a small dog behind me outside and I  brought his energy across for healing to Pete. Afterward I asked if anyone else heard and only he did. He joked how it was yelping. I didn’t see anything with Winter but I saw something with Pat that I realized when I got home may have been a connection for me. I saw a railroad tunnel that

was dark where I stood but got brighter toward the end. I realized at home that Popop worked on the railroad.

Pete said he saw a lot of tension and baggage with me that I’m in the process of releasing. He also told Pat that he saw something like a breakthrough for me tonight. Winter and Pat spoke while I summarized my last 2 years to Pete and how I know I was guided to Pat.

Aura’s: I put my hands out around Pete then was told to bring them in closer slowly to see if I could feel the energy coming from him. I felt like pins and needles in my hands.

When I was home tonight I tried it on myself and I felt the energy about 2 feet out from my head. It was like I hit a soft wall and was pushing on it to get to my head and it got hotter at that spot.

After we were sitting, the phone rang so Pete and Winter were talking and we all conversed a little while Winter cleaned her spilled soda. (she said she was told she was going to be cranky) I was trying to figure out my phone but gave up and just put it on the top of my pocketbook so it wouldn’t call out again. Something made me look at the tissues with intent and get up to get a few. I took 3 and used one then put them in my pocketbook. I definitely needed them later. What a feeling!!

When I was leaving Pat was telling me that she was happy for me and it was a great first time. I said now I have to try harder and concentrate on everyone else. She said no, just go with it and let it happen and it will. I told her I think I was molested or something as a child and am hoping to find out on the cruise. I told her about my session in Port Jeff when I saw Mr. Joe and Mommy said he was a little weird anyway.


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