Events & Classes

Please contact Catherine with any questions
631-619-2040 or


Monday’s 7–9 pm

Weekly Meetup group for Spiritual Awareness

Lake Ronkonkoma $20

Meditations, Automatic Writing, Altars, Spiritual Protection, Manifestation and Goals, and many more.


Tuesday’s 2-5 pm

Spiritual Book Club –  Lake Ronkonkoma.

Dues $5 for refreshments


Thursday’s 6-9 pm

Angel Communication Classes

Lake Ronkonkoma $40 Learn how to communicate with your angels using angel oracle cards. Classes include handouts, meditations, individual readings, and various other lessons to enhance your spiritual journey through an understanding of your psychic senses.


Saturday’s 1-5 pm

Creation Journaling


Vision Boards Class


Unlock all of your thoughts and dreams by creating a visual depiction revealing everything you would like to accomplish and attain in the next year. A vision board and creation journals are collages of images, pictures, and affirmations of your dreams, goals, and things that make you happy. These are useful tools to help conceptualize your goals and serve as a source of motivation as you work towards achieving your dreams.
We will begin with a meditation then discuss how these can help your goals and dreams come true.
All supplies will be provided except any of your personal pictures. I have magazine cutouts as photos, words and phrases. When we are all finished we will share with each other what it is we are desiring and what we placed on our boards and pages.
See Creation Journals Page: 

Sunday nights 7 pm Spiritual Destinations Radio Show….

CLICK HERE: Spiritual Destinations

You can also listen to archived shows