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 Hello my beautiful friends

I hope this finds you well, in good spirits, and staying safe during our quarantine.  My prayers go to the individuals who have had the virus and those who didn’t survive it’s horrible fury.

I’m happy you decided to join me as I share inspirational and spiritual information for your journey


 Today I am offering a Supportive Psychic Reading

at a special COVID 19

price of only $50

Regularly $150

The COVID 19 virus’ uncertainty has changed the landscape for everything.

There’s a lack of social engagement, family gatherings, religious support, etc.

Stress & anxiety take over and with all the unknowns of the future we are all wondering what to do next.

You may have low self-esteem or problems sleeping

You may feel confused or like something is stuck

You are probably frustrated and second guessing yourself


With the help of our angels during a reading I will help you achieve greater clarity as you sort out your options and guide you through the future.

For your COVID 19 rate of only $50 (Regular $150) I will do a phone reading for you.  

Learn if you are a light-worker yourself!

I will help you gain strength, confidence, clarity and reassurance plus provide you inspirational, spiritual & healing support.

A Psychic Reading is a great gift!

If you have a friend or family member who would enjoy a reading with me, I’d love to help you make that happen.

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Barbie October 10, 2018
Catherine and I have known each other for more than 20 years. As a matter of fact she worked for me at a high end dress and gown boutique I owned way back then.. We get together every couple of months for a dinner date to catch up on the events in our lives. Quite often these turn into lengthy support sessions where we share the difficult issues we sometimes face, often closing the dining establishment. Over the course of our friendship Catherine has established herself professionally as an Angel Card Reader, Psychic and Author.
During a recent dinner with Catherine, I asked her to do an Angel Card Reading for my daughter Victoria, who for many years has been going through a very tough time with her ex. One thing lead to another and Catherine asked how my husband Denny (Dennis) was doing. I asked why and Catherine motioned towards her chest, asking if he was having any issues there. I said no and the conversation wandered to other areas throughout the remainder of the evening until the restaurant was closing.
Knowing the talent Catherine possesses my mind kept returning to that recent dinner conversation with Catherine pointing to her chest when asking about my husband. I dwelled on that for a couple of days and finally insisted that Denny go to the doctor for a thorough exam. To make a long story short, Denny’s visit to the doctor resulted in an aorta valve replacement surgery and saved his life. When it was over, the doctor told me that Denny probably would have passed unexpectedly within three months had he not had that exam.     
 Thank you Catherine for saving Denny’s life!
Jo Anne April 19, 2016
Hi Catherine.
I hope this finds you well. You were so kind to meet me at Whole Foods in March, and although I didn’t contact you right away, I wanted to let you know that the problem I spoke to you about was virtually taken away the next day! Thank you for your insights and guidance from above! I was wondering if you had any time next week to meet with me and my daughter. If not, you mentioned that you hold classes at times. Can you let me know what days they are because I would like to attend at some point. You really made such a positive impact on me and I cannot thank you enough! I send you prayers for good health and continued success.
Jo Anne
Sandra Cherry January 7, 2016
Thank you for the reading I received Jan 6, 2016. I was blown away by your capability and the things that were brought forth from the angels. In particular, the question about my mother’s pearls. I have had them since she passed 40 years ago. I never realized that my having them is her way of showing me love. Thank you again and let’s do keep in touch.
Blessings and Love,
My readings give people loving guidance with their lives and help them make wise choices for their futures.
An Angel Reading is a tool to work through life’s endeavors. It can be a positive influence on a decision you have to make and it can clear up any confusion or frustrations you may be experiencing.
For example, you want to change jobs but aren’t sure if it will be the right decision. The Angels may tell you some of the features that you didn’t give thought to yet. Then you can think about it in a different way before making the decision.
It tells a story about your past, present and future. Then it helps you make decisions on your future based on what the Angels tell you. You have free will so your choices are yours to make.
I hold a conversation with you so you can ask questions for clarification.
I love to help people hear and recognize their messages from the Angels. It is so exciting when someone realizes it and understands what the message is.

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Love and Blessings,


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