Communicating Freely May 3 2017

Communicating Freely May 3 2017

Welcome to this week’s newsletter and card reading.

With my readings First, I do my own interpretations then, I write what is written in a booklet I received with the cards.

Leadership from the Life Purpose Oracle Card Deck

The card reads“I communicate from the depths of my being.”

From Me:

When you speak from the heart everything is expressed clearly. Remember to change the way you speak to someone with regard to who they are. You can kid around more with a friend or relative but in business you have to be more careful what you say and how you say it.
 Let the words flow out of you like a musical instrument and have power when you say them. Bring out the color of your conversation with the variations of your voice. Do the same when you are singing. Even if you aren’t a professional singer and just enjoy singing in the shower, sing loud with authority behind your words. Enjoy your songs because they bring out the beauty in you.
 If you get nervous when speaking to strangers remember to take a deep breath and release it slowly. This will relax you and make your words come out clear. Remember to use the color turquoise, which is calming and helps you stay focused.
 When we use affirmations when we speak they can bring about a positive change in us. But we have to be careful because even negative words and phrases can be considered an affirmation, just a negative one. So you want to choose your words wisely when you speak.

From the booklet:

Card Meaning: “Allow the truth of your soul to be felt and heard. It is an act of power to speak freely and easily. Be willing to stand tall and address people from the center of your being. Know that you can heal yourself and others through communication. This is not the time to step back – rather, it is time to step forward and share from your heart.
The Universe wants you to know: You are a natural teacher, and you have the ability to empower and enrich the lives of others through your words. Step into your role as a teacher and a leader. Additionally, if there is something that you have held back, now is your opportunity to bring this truth to the light of day.
Communication can restore trust and mend lifelong wounds. Take a risk. Speak from your soul with clarity and authenticity, even if it is not easy to do so. If there is any unspoken darkness that lies heavily upon you, now is the time to unburden yourself. If there is someone you love whom you have not told, share your feeling. Communication can heal, free, and transform  your life.
Questions to ask yourself: Is there anyone I need to communicate with? Is there some type of communication that I have been withholding? What might I need to do to step into my role as a teacher and a leader?”

Let’s talk Self Help and Spirituality


Affirmations are words or phrases in which we choose to say to bring about change. When we use positive affirmations we are bringing on something positive. For example, my positive phrase a few years ago was I AM HEALTHY. I typed this phrase about 6 times and printed it out. I taped it up wherever I would be in the house so it was prevalent for me to constantly see it. Even if I didn’t read it, there it was being seen by my subconscious mind.  By doing this, I helped myself bring about healing and am happy to say I do not need that affirmation anymore because I achieved my goal.
There are so many ways you can use affirmations. Here are a few: Creating, Happiness, Self Awareness, Health, Love, Relationships, Positive Thoughts, Spirituality.
Some examples of affirmation phrases are:
I Am confident.
I Am a smart person.
I Am devoted to work on myself.
I Am good at anything I put my mind to.
I Am an excellent public speaker.
I Am aware of my capabilities to improve myself.
I Am capable of changing negative beliefs into positive thoughts.
I Am able to learn new ways to become more aware.
You can receive daily affirmations from Louise Hay through her newsletter here:
2 Positive Affirmations from Louise Hay
“All is well in my world”
“I am surrounded by love”
You can also read more on affirmations on the Hay House site here:
If you want to learn more about all of the Hay House authors and speakers you can click on the following link. They are a wonderful community of self-help and inspirational people.

Now to share some info from me

Always remember: Brighten Your Day With Turquoise

Turquoise is a calming color and helps us focus well

My Journey

This week is an interesting and fun one!
More than likely by the time you read this I will be a grandmother to my 15th grandchild. Vanessa, my youngest daughter is having a scheduled cesarean section because it is her second child. She is having a girl and her name is Natalee Alexis. I am so excited about this!! Her son, Joshua is with his other grandmother and will be the first to see Natalee and he is soooo excited. He has been counting down the days and can’t wait.
I will pick up Joshua on Thursday after school and keep him by me until Saturday, which is my birthday. We will have a small cake for just Tony, Joshua and me. Then he will go home to be with the new addition. So it’s a double celebration for him. May will be a big birthday celebration; Natalee on the 3rd, me on the 6th, and Vanessa on the 28th.
Joshua and I will go to Friendly’s for ice cream when I pick him up, then spend the day Friday at the hospital with Mommy and baby Natalee. I asked him if he is going to help Mommy with the baby and he said yes. I asked if he is going to hold her and he said yes; give her a bottle, yes; then I asked will he change her diaper and he said noooo!! LOL
Monday we brought my mother to the city again for more testing for her cancer. It was a very long, exhausting day and I was in bed really early which is unusual for me. I’m usually going to sleep about 2am and waking about 12pm.
Yesterday I had to wake at 8am to see the retina specialist. I have Macular Degeneration and my eyesight suddenly got much worse and I thought my disease progressed. The good news is that it is still stable, and the dry kind, which doesn’t advance as quickly as the wet kind. I was thrilled to hear this!! I finally received a prescription to get progressive lenses so I don’t have to constantly put my glasses on and off.
After trying to do some work on the computer, I began to fall asleep. So I gave in to it and took a nap for an hour. This helped me gain the energy to again stay up very late again. So the cycle begins again…


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