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“Put your entire intention on answering the question “How can I make the world a better place?” and the Law of Attraction will automatically take care of your needs.”

Possible specific meanings from my booklet:

You’ve been called into service and the thought of conducting public work may trigger nervousness.  Don’t worry though – this anxiety has no bearing on your readiness for service.  It’s simply the ego wrestling to gain control through fear.  The antidote is to focus on your higher self’s mission, which is loving service to the Divine.
Each client or audience member is one with you and the Creator.  You share one love and one spirit.  Your work is about connecting to that one great force in the Universe.  So while the ego wants to concentrate on “I” worries – such as “What if I can’t do this?” or “What if they don’t like me?” – The higher self is completely focused on lovingly giving service.
Your higher self is 100 percent tapped into the Divine healing energy.  To operate out of your higher self, focus on blessing instead of impressing others.  Begin each session or seminar by opening your heart to loving everyone involved, and ask the question “How may I serve?” to put your higher self in charge.

From Me

I am mostly getting phrases and quotes the more I listen for messages. If any of them resonate with you, please write it and put it where you see it often. This is a reminder of what is going on right now in your life.
Someone is ruffling your feathers: Someone is irritating or annoying you
Birds of a feather flock together: People of the same sort or with the same tastes and interests will be found together
Get back to basics: Urban dictionary: If you talk about getting back to basics, you are suggesting that people have become too concerned with complicated details or new theories, and that they should concentrate on simple, important ideas or activities.
It’s ok to let your hair down: Allow yourself to behave much more freely than usual and enjoy yourself. Urban dictionary: to leave behind one’s inhibitions or to behave in a way that is free from social limitations or any code of conduct
There is a hump in the middle of the week: Something is blocking your path towards the weekend. Urban dictionary: The middle of a work week (Wednesday); used in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week. After hump day, the weekend gets closer.
You have many paths to choose from: Paths, meaning directions to choose from going forward with our lives; in our employment choices, relationships, and even our health in choosing the correct doctor
Some are more lit than others Some of our paths are obvious choices and some are harder to see. Usually the obvious ones are the ones we end up choosing
A seamstress seaming things together: We usually have many things going on at the same time and now it is time pull it all together so it flows seamlessly
Mountains and valleys in our lives: As we consider this analogy, most often it comes to our minds that we want to be on the mountaintops all the time and avoid the deep valleys at all cost. What we may fail to realize is that in order to reach the summit of a mountain, we have to traverse upwards on many rough and winding trails. Once we do reach the mountain tops if we desire to continue on with life, then we must move forward, which will require that we head back down into the valleys of life. http://wisdom-trek.com/day-29/
Musical notes: “If music be the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die.”  – William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night
Stick your neck out: Risk incurring criticism or anger by acting or speaking boldly. To give an opinion which other people may not like or which other people are frightened to give
It’s a time of Rebirth It is time to make changes where everything will be looked at in a new light
Don’t squirrel your money away: A simple technique that squirrels know intuitively from birth is: You have to squirrel away some nuts during times of plenty so you can survive during times of scarcity.
Hold a candle to light the way: Sometimes when we light a candle during our contemplations it can help us focus on the situation and realize a solution…Dictionary.com: to compare favorably with: She’s smart, but she can’t hold a candle to her sister. “Faith is the flame that eliminates fear, and faith is the emperor of dreams.” – Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem
You will see below in discussion of the third chakra that like a ray of sunshine, the glow of the solar plexus chakra lights your path and warms your body with the glow of self-confidence.
In conclusion when we look at most aspects of our lives the association to serving others helps things flow easily. This answers the question; How can I make the world a better place?

Action Steps From the Booklet

Sitting quietly, visualize yourself conducting a healing session, giving a seminar, writing a book, or doing some other spiritually based intention. Imagine the people involved (Such as your clients or audience members) smiling receptively at the service you’re providing.  Feel your heart opening to these people, who are brimming with gratitude that you’re giving so joyously.  See all of your material needs easily provided for; knowing that as you focus on giving, the Universe automatically gives back to you.

Let’s talk Spirituality 

 As you may recall from prior newsletters, The Chakras are energy centers in our body and when they are out of balance we don’t live in our potential power. These energy centers should be rotating clockwise, so if they are backwards we have to work with them to reverse the motion. We recognize 7 top centers but there are more. I will be sharing with you the 7 basic Chakras and if you have any questions you can email me. I will share 1 Chakra a week.
 We have the Root Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, the Solar Plexus, the Heart Chakra, the Throat Chakra, our Third Eye Chakra, and our Crown Chakra. They follow the colors of the rainbow starting with Red.
 This week we talk about the third chakra, the Solar Plexus, which is located 2 finger-widths above the navel and just below your sternum.
We recognize Yellow as the color of this chakra. Like a ray of sunshine, the glow of the solar plexus chakra lights your path and warms your body with the glow of self-confidence.
 The solar plexus chakra empowers you to follow and not be distracted from your true path. The vibrant yellow of this chakra speaks to creativity, personality, intellect and ego and this chakra gives you increased awareness, clarity of thought and great curiosity. This is the source of personal power, self-belief and self-worth. The solar plexus chakra gives you the ability to rise to the occasion in times of need and difficulty or anytime you are challenged.
 Your solar plexus chakra is activated:
•anytime you muster the courage to do something that scares you
•anytime you speak up for yourself
•anytime you exert your willpower and self-control
 You’ll notice that in these situations, your energy is high, your posture tall and commanding and your voice firm.
 Look around you at the people who are successful in whatever they do: they stand tall, speak with conviction and strength and look others straight in the eye. Their personal power is strong and they are comfortable using it! By the way, personal power does not mean power over others; it means self-mastery – the ability to master your thoughts and emotions, overcome any fear and take appropriate action in any situation.
When your solar plexus chakra is blocked, life becomes a series of disappointments and frustrations. People with a weak solar plexus chakra see themselves as victims. They pessimistically walk with their heads down, put up with poor treatment and they have low expectations and aspirations. They are shy and rarely take the leadership role – but are quick to sarcastically put the leaders down!
 Persistent lack of self-confidence and self-worth erodes their resolve to do anything meaningful with their lives and settle for a dull, frustrating existence. Those suffering from a blocked solar plexus chakra usually experience low self-esteem and which can cause them to be pessimistic and vulnerable.
 It doesn’t take much for the solar plexus chakra to become blocked or weakened. It may be a result of poor feedback, lack of affection, criticism, rejection, and being ignored or unappreciated. If you feel that your ideas, words and efforts are ignored or unappreciated, you have an imbalance in the solar plexus chakra.
 Some people with feelings of inadequacy will dramatically overcompensate. This false show of bravado and self-glorification may be seen as confidence or even arrogance, but it is false and often crumbles spectacularly, leading to serious depression and further over-compensatory behavior. People with a healthy solar plexus chakra, on the other hand, do not boast of their accomplishments – they let their results speak for themselves.
 As well as manipulative and selfish behavior, a closed third chakra can manifest in physical and mental problems. Because this particular chakra is situated in the center of the body, physical difficulties often originate in this area. Digestive problems such as gas, nausea, cramps, ulcers, diabetes, celiac’s disease and liver disease are associated with the third chakra. Other diseases: Food allergies, gallstones and hepatitis
 The associated body parts are your Respiratory system, diaphragm, digestive system, liver, sympathetic nervous system, gallbladder, spleen, and pancreas.
These gemstones will help keep the Solar Plexus balanced:
•Amber: Yellowish orange Organic gemstone ; Used to cleanse and balance. Increases mental clarity and promotes confidence.
•Citrine: Pale yellow, Semi-precious.  This “success stone” is used to cleanse and balance. Increases personal empowerment and confidence.
•Lemon quartz: Yellow;  A stone of optimism used to cleanse, activate and balance the third energy center.
•Yellow Jasper: Yellow; Semi-precious.  Known as a stone of protection, yellow jasper activates and balances the solar plexus chakra.
•Yellow Tourmaline:  Yellow; Semi-precious.  A stone good for detoxifying the body, yellow tourmaline is used to cleanse, activate and balance.
•Tiger’s Eye: Golden brown: Semi-precious. A protective stone, tiger’s eye is good for grounding, cleansing and balancing.
 Remember that all of your chakras must be balanced for you to feel well and for things to flow evenly. You must balance your Root Chakra before the Sacral Chakra and work your way up when clearing all of your chakras.
 Also remember when you are connected you are in the here and now, capable of receiving divine guidance and taking aligned action.

 Now to share some info from me

My Journey

 I continue to share my healing and spirituality to keep you up to date with my journey.
 My Solar Plexus was blocked most of my life. I never realized it until I began studying spirituality. My therapist always told me she thought I was absorbing other people’s negative “stuff”. It made sense because of my ailments but I didn’t know how to overcome it. Finally I learned about my chakras and how to protect myself. I have written about my advancement in my many collaborative books and continue to do so.
 When I chose the above card a second one flew out. It is the “Parents” card. Ironically, I spent most of my time for a week at the hospital with my mother. Now she is at my home recuperating. She wasn’t doing well until only yesterday.  She is at my house because I don’t have to work and 4 of my 5 siblings do. I am her primary caretaker and my sisters come a couple hours each evening.
 Considering my own situation I am proud to say I have been able to care for her without too much trouble. At times I can’t breathe well so have to just sit next to her and we both compare symptoms.
 We are still trying to learn why my breathing is a problem. I have seen so many specialists and the only answer so far is Mild Asthma. My cardiologist feels my heart is fine with only minor blockages in 3 main arteries. He is clearing me for surgery and suggested that I may feel better after it because everything seems to be pressing up and possibly onto my heart. I met with my sleep specialist and I will get my sleep study in February. Since I am claustrophobic she showed me the advanced masks that only cover my nose. They should be more comfortable and cause no problems.
 Getting back to my mother, we had a lot of concern because there were no real answers. My siblings and I kept pushing but it was hard. We finally met one nurse who explained everything that was going on. I believe there should be an advocate in each department in the hospital that can keep the patient and their family informed of what is going on. They do tests and don’t explain exactly what they are looking for and then we wait forever for the results if we even receive them.
 For this reason I always remind you to be aware of your power and take control of your own health. You must be insistent to be sure you get answers. When you are in need of care insist that all the reports are reviewed completely and if you feel you are not being listened to, it is time to find a different doctor. If you need someone to speak to, I am here for you.
 I am sad to say we must look for a home for our loving cat, Precious. Tony is very allergic to her and although he has put his allergy aside to love her, it is time for him to take care of his health. If anyone lives in Suffolk County, New York and is interested in adopting Precious, please call us at 631-619-2040

Angelic Realms Radio

I am still in search of a co-host for my weekly Angelic Realms Radio show. We were set to begin August 3rd but unfortunately, my co-host has fallen ill and I am asking for prayers for her quick recovery. If you are interested, please email me at cathysquests@yahoo.com and I will give you the details. You must be a certified angel communicator and become a member of the IAAP, International Association of Angel Practitioners.
 I am not sure when my show will begin but will keep you posted. In the mean while you can listen to all the other Angelic Realms shows and learn more about the angels and spirituality with all the hosts.
You can listen to the August shows here: http://angelpractitioners.com/radio-upcoming-august-2016/
There is also a Sizzling Summer Sale with various programs available http://angelpractitioners.com/Summer/


If you or a friend ever has a question or needs to talk to me, please don’t hesitate to speak up. I am here to serve and help. I have been through so much turmoil in my life that I know how much we all need a helping hand at times. Know that I am here for you. I am here to serve and help. I have been through so much turmoil in my life that I know how much we all need a helping hand at times. Know that I am here for you. If you send me an email, please remember that I mostly answer after 9 pm because that is my best focus time. If it is something urgent, you can call me at 631-619-2040.
 I offer many programs and would love for you to learn more about them. As you know, I offer a vision board class Saturday’s. I teach angel communication with angel oracle cards and have a spiritual meetup weekly. You can learn more at my website and if you live close to Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, I would love to get together with you at one of my events.
 I like to share info about other people or products. Today I am sharing information about Christina Hills who teaches a Website Creation Workshop online. When I began my own business I heard about the Website Creation Workshop and learned how to make my own website with ease. Christina can help you take the stress out of your own website creation and is offering a free checklist. You can download this checklist here: http://websitecreationworkshop.com/a/?af=1554053&p=checklist Please check out my website at www.catherinemlaub.com and send me a comment at catherinemlaub@gmail.com to let me know if I did a good job creating my website. I know there a few missing items but that is because of my recent illness. I will catch up with it this weekend.
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