Bodywork June 8, 2017

Welcome to this week’s newsletter and card reading.

With my readings First, I do my own interpretations then, I write what is written in a booklet I received with the cards.

From the Life Purpose Card Deck by Doreen Virtue

From Me:

These feathers are a beautiful turquoise color and they are resting comfortably off this angel’s shoulders. The swoop downward makes a letter “U” for “YOU”. You are being told to rest comfortably and remember to use turquoise in your daily tasks. When you do this you will find how easily things are to accomplish. 
The design shown as a tattoo represents the entanglement of our adventures and necessities. Remember this doesn’t have to be so if you want things to run smoothly. You can plan your days and have the desired outcome without mishap. 
The entanglements we do desire though can be the relationships we have or wish for. You can also plan your days to create new relationships and have new adventures. All you have to do is remember to ask your angels and guides to help you manage your schedule and things will flow smoothly.
The card reads:
Your life purpose involves bodywork, such as massage therapy, energy healing, physical therapy, or exercise training.
From the booklet:
This is an encouragement to involve yourself in bodywork to heal yourself and others. Receiving and giving massage and other forms of physical care is at the center of your life purpose. It appears that you have “healing hands” and have naturally been drawn to the healing arts for some time. This card is a validation that this is a fulfilling path for you to go down.
The challenge is for you to take excellent care of your own body as you find avenues to provide care for others. You’re naturally a giver, and that includes sending healing energy to your clients and loved ones. Be sure to include yourself in this mix and take time for exercise, massage, and receiving treatments as well.
You’re encouraged to take classes that mirror your natural interests in various healing modalities. Taking an eclectic approach to bodywork will ensure that these interests stay  keen and at a high level.”

Let’s talk Self Help and Spirituality

Energy Work and Mindset Techniques

Michelle Evans and I met through one of my many published book projects, 365 Life Shifts . I learned a lot from her when we did an interview for my Spiritual Destinations Radio Broadcast.  This is part of our conversation and what you can learn from her.
Learn from Michelle Evans how to break free of limiting beliefs you have picked up through life experiences. Fully love and accept yourself as you are, with the freedom and confidence to appreciate and accept all this life has to offer.
You struggle with nagging self-doubt…. You are so busy taking care of others, there’s no time for you….. You want to change things, but don’t know how….. There is hope! Michelle has been in these situations, and can guide you through them to a better life.
Michelle also offers an introduction to mantras:
“Law of Attraction”, “like attracts like” and “I receive what I focus on”. You have probably also heard how the use of mantras, or affirmations, can effect change and increase the likelihood of receiving your goals.
She attracts people that are tired of “beating themselves up” with negative self-talk. They want more from life and aren’t sure how to get there.
Michelle contributed to 365 Life Shifts because she wants t support people going through life changes. So often, we feel like we are alone in our feelings and experiences. This book provides strength and support in that you are not alone.

Quotes by Michelle:

You are not here to be “perfect”, you are here to learn. We learn the quickest through our mistakes.”
If there was one thing I wish I had known earlier, it would be that asking for help is NOT a weakness. It takes incredible strength and courage to reach out for YOU.”
“When you unconditionally love and accept yourself, you are confident to take chances and embrace opportunities. It changes every interaction we have and the ripples extend further than you can imagine. Touching one heart at a time, we CAN change the world.”
***If you are feeling stuck and are unsure of what comes next, Michelle is offering you a complementary 30 minute 1-on-1 discovery session. Email with Spiritual destinations in the subject line and Complementary session in the body.
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To learn more about the specific ways hypnosis can help you overcome your own obstacles to enjoy life to the fullest, visit Steve’s online library of different life changes that can be made through hypnosis. Start today to make the lasting changes that will make each day a more positive, productive one.

Now to share some info from me

Always remember:

Brighten Your Day With Turquoise

Turquoise is a calming color and helps us focus well

My Journey

~~~The shots for my allergies to trees and grass are going well. 
**I babysat Natalee Saturday and really enjoyed having her here. I was at their house the day before and Joshua took a closeup of the three of us but he cut some of Natalee out and said “that’s OK” LOL



Journey of Angelic Healing, Stories to Feed Your Soul

By Catherine M Laub, Your Turquoise Angel Guide

“We are planning a release date of June 28th!! Please consider purchasing a copy and maybe one for a friend. The more copies purchased on the release date will help it become an Amazon Best Seller overnight.
The stories are all compiled from the previous books I contributed to. You can now read them all in one place. I chose “Journey” because it is about my healing and spiritual journey. “Stories to Feed your Soul” because my business name is The Celestial Spoon, Inc; It Feeds Your Soul. Then my radio show advertisements read Spiritual Destinations, Nourish Your Soul With Catherine M Laub, Spiritual Consultant.
The cover photo is, of course, an “angel” because I am an angel communicator. It is “turquoise”  because I share how turquoise helps with mental illness. There is a “Path” that represents my journey. The “Butterflies” represent transformation. The angel herself represents my power in bringing you these inspiring stories.
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Love and Blessings,
Catherine M Laub
Your Turquoise Angel Guide
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Psychic and Spiritual Consultant

I am very spiritual and love sharing about spirituality and inspiration. I am a Radio Show Host of Spiritual Destinations. I am  certified as an Angel Communication Master and do psychic angel card readings. I am an eight time best-selling author and speak out about mental illness in my campaign “Brighten Your Day with Turquoise”.

I live in New York with my husband, Tony, and between us we have 7 children,  15 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. The only “family” that lives with us is Miss Luci Anna, our little Yorkie and Kandi, our very big American Bulldog. They keep us busy letting them out then in, over and over all day.

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