Blog Challenge: Where am I going?

Hello again on my journey of the blog challenge.

I rambled about who I am and gave you a lot to learn. Now I want to share where I am going and where I want to be.
Although we have a beautiful house and live close to our children and grandchildren we may have to move. It is a struggle to live on Long Island, in New York because of the cost of living. My business has been slow to take off and my income is still through Social Security Disability. Tony has his ski pole business but that has also been a tough sell. He does sales for sheet metal fabrication because it is the result of closing his own company of the same work.
If we move, it will be to North Carolina where they have beautiful houses at a rate much better than those of Long Island. I will have my craft room and office and Tony will have his office and a separate man cave. I will have someone come in to clean my house and once in a while cook some great meals for Tony and me.
I want to have more time to spend with my children and grandchildren and help them achieve their goals for the same level of time.
I want to coach people that are struggling with depression and anxiety combining my skills as a psychic/medium. I also want to speak in public forums about my own journey with mental and physical illnesses to be an inspiration to those people that need a little push to recognize they don’t have to go through it alone.
With this type of interaction I want to travel through the country with my husband, Tony, to both speak and site see where I go. I have traveled a little so far but have high hopes to travel a lot more in the near future. We had a timeshare in Cancun and both can’t wait until we can get back there. It was always a great place to travel and just relax. 
I am creating a few online programs which will be available soon. For starters, I am creating a follow up program for Vision Boards and Creation Journaling. Watch for the release of this program.
I am continuing my writing in anthologies and will begin my own next book. This one will be more about my life and the struggles I have gone through to help you  understand why I was brought to the point of a suicide attempt.
My plans are to open a store/retreat where people can come to relax and combine it with a support system for mental illness. This has been my long term goal since I learned I can communicate with the angels and do mediumship. 
As I reach for higher goals I will let you know and share with you haw I achieved them so you can achieve your goals too!!
Let me know if you ever have any questions.
Love and Blessings,
Skype:        cathyml58
* If you are a business owner you can learn about some of the organizations I am a member of and consider joining them.
WPN (Women’s Prosperity Network)
Long Island Business Club:
NAPW (National Association of Professional Women):
Women Speakers Association via
Long Island Speakers Bureau:

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