Black Friday Stress Resolution

*The holidays are a stressful time for some and they don’t have to be

*Do you struggle with stress, depression, anxiety, or a mental illness?

*Do you want to learn how to get through your day without the obstacles that get in your way?

*I talk about the stigma of mental illness and stress resolution, how to overcome them with ease and will show you how to accomplish your goals in a positive way that will uplift you.

*Using my spiritual skills and inspirational guidance we make a plan to take small steps and keep growing your confidence.

*The stigma of mental illness is due to not understanding how it affects us. But Almost Everyone has struggled with stress, depression or anxiety.

*My campaign is Brighten Your Day with Turquoise and I highly recommend using this color daily because it is uplifting.

*So, Because you want to move forward positively, I am offering an extra special deal.

*You CAN overcome adversity.

*I struggled with these and other mental illnesses and want to guide you to move forward with ease. Due to my symptoms, My children thought badly of me and didn’t understand why I couldn’t be strong for them.

*It took many years and a suicide attempt to put me on track to the right medications, be seen by a therapist regularly, and use my spirituality to advance.

*Imagine how much easier your life will be when you can attend and contribute to events and conversations because you learned how to be stronger and can adapt better with others.

*By now, you can see that you DON’T have to live with the struggles of stress, depression or anxiety.

*You CAN do this… first with a psychic reading which will guide you to overcome and lead a wonderful life. Then guidance through various other modalities.

**If all this did was give you new insights to how you are feeling, wouldn’t that be worth it?

**If all this did was open your eyes to the possibilities, wouldn’t that be worth it?

**If all this did was help you understand why you struggle, wouldn’t that be worth it?

*Get access to your free report on overcoming stress.  AND, If you want to take what you learned today to the next level, this extra special rate is just for you!!

Learn how to manage your stress in 4 weeks by working with me and our angels.

You will have 4 one hour phone calls with me, one each week.

We will explore your stress factors and plan how to overcome and feel better.

Learn to avoid stress on the job
No longer stay home from work because of stress.
Do not allow your stress from home to affect how you perform your job responsibilities.

I only have 10 spots available, and only for a short period of time.

Retail Price:     $ 600
Special Price:   $ 197

***As people who stay aware & informed, you know the daily struggles of stress, depression and anxiety plays in your overall tasks.

***I urge you to make a quick decision and see the miraculous results of a psychic reading and support!

Hurry before all my spots are gone


I am also offering my mentoring programs at a 20% discount!! You will have private mentoring sessions, email access to me and join a Private Facebook group. We will work with angel readings and use their guidance to bring you to a point of success on your journey.

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