Angel Oracle Card Basics Thank You

Angel Oracle Card Basics


Thank you for signing up for your Angel Oracle Card reading basics.

You will learn to tune into your angels and receive greater clarity around the opportunities in your life.

Your Angel readings will give you inspirational, spiritual and healing support.

With the help of your angels during readings you will be able to decipher your life situations and plan for a great future.

It will help you gain strength, confidence, clarity and reassurance.

An Angel Reading is a tool to work through life’s endeavors. It can be a positive influence on a decision you have to make and it can clear up any confusion or frustrations you may be experiencing.

For example, you want to change jobs but aren’t sure if it will be the right decision. The Angels may tell you some of the features that you didn’t give thought to yet. Then you can think about it in a different way before making the decision.

It tells a story about your past, present and future. Then it helps you make decisions on your future based on what the Angels tell you. You have free will so your choices are yours to make.

This information can be used to read the cards for yourself or practice on friends or loved ones. Once you are proficient at reading the cards you can charge others to have you read their cards.


Sample Cards 


Download your lesson here: Angel Oracle Card Basics