“I’ve fallen, cried, been angry and afraid. But even when I was hurting, I always found a way to keep going. A Strong Woman never gives up.”  WomenWorking.com


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I am featured throughout the RHG Magazine and TV Guide Fall/Winter 2018 which released October 15, 2018

Rebecca Hall-Gruyter is such an inspiration. She has published several books in which I participated in. Right after I began my podcast Rebecca began the RHGTV Network where my podcast is also featured. Now she has this wonderful magazine she publishes and offers so many opportunities to women.


See the listings on page 4

My article, Be Your Best Potential with Self Care is on page 20 and 21.

I am listed on page 28 with my co-authors for the newly released book, Step Forward and SHINE

Find my podcast ad on page 33. The Celestial Spoon

My Spotlight Article written by Rebecca Hall-Gruyter is on pages 44 and 45.



See my interview in RHG Magazine Winter 2018

You will also find my podcast ad on page 23


Listen as I am interviewed by Rebecca Hall Gruyter on Empowering Women, Transforming Lives which is played on the Voice America network


Thank you for taking an interest in my site and posts.

I am very spiritual and love sharing about this and inspiration. I am Certified as an Angel Communication Master and do psychic angel card readings. I am a nine time best selling author and speak out about mental illness in my campaign “Brighten Your Day with Turquoise”. 

I live in New York with my husband, Tony, and between us we have 7 children and 15 grandchildren, the newest one born May 3rd. The only “family” that lives with us is Miss Luci Anna, our little Yorkie and Kandi, our very big American Bulldog. They keep us busy letting them out then in, over and over all day. 

I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.



Jodi May 2, 2016
Thank you, again, for submitting an additional piece and for getting it to us so quickly! Dan and I both loved it and really admire your bravery in sharing your truth. We love how you’re inspiring so many by sharing what you’ve been through. You’re shining so much light in the process!
Velma March 10, 2016
Catherine M Laub, you are succeeding! I remember witnessing your angel readings at the Un-conference last year. You are truly a gifted angel with a powerful and gracious spirit. Lifting you in blessings of connections and confidence. You’re welllll on your way sweet lady. xox
Dee to The Celestial Spoon June 1, 2016
It was great chatting with you on Blab. You’re so inspiring!
The Celestial Spoon Thanks Dee! It was great meeting you and I enjoyed all of your input too. I didn’t expect to have other people asking me questions so I learned to expect the unexpected. You were a great help with adding your answers. <3 O:)
Dee I was glad to take part
JUNE 8 2016
I just finished my interview with Patrysha Korchinski for her online video show, Triumphant Tales. I had a great talk with her about my mental illness and suicide attempt and how I have persevered and healed. Thank you Patrysha for having me on your show!!

Seema Khaneja Please do share link when you have it. And deep gratitude to you for sharing about your healing so openly. What a blessing for all of us! We can only heal together!









5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Sandra, Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry I didn’t see it until today. I have to get into the habit of looking for comments here.
    Your mother referenced her pearls as a confirmation that she was the person we connected with. She wanted you to know that she is always around and loves you very much. I am always thrilled when I can make a direct connection like we had. I’m very happy that you were able to receive the message of love after all these years.

    Love and Blessings,

  2. Sandra Cherry

    Thank you for the reading I received Jan 6, 2016. I was blown away by your capability and the things that were brought forth from the angels. In particular, the question about my mother’s pearls. I have had them since she passed 40 years ago. I never realized that my having them is her way of showing me love. Thank you again and let’s do keep in touch. My offer stands about staying with me if you are ever in California again.

    Blessings and Love,

  3. Catherine M Laub

    Hi Barbara,

    I apologize. I haven’t been keeping up with my website because of all the events with the WPN and other conference. I am back on track now though.
    You can still order my books without having a kindle. There is a way to download kindle books to your computer. If you need help please email me at catherinemlaub@gmail.com

    Love and Blessings,

  4. Barbara Ward

    hi Catherine, I met you at last months WPN meeting. I’m so excited with your book! I will order it yet I don’t have kindle?! What do I do?

  5. Hi Catherine
    My name is Cameron Steele and I am the owner of Contact Talk Radio, I came across your website today and wanted to reach out and see if you have ever thought of hosting your own radio show. Our station Contact Talk Radio http://www.ctrnetwork.com/ is one that focuses on personal empowerment and would love to chat with you if interested . Feel free to call me directly at 425-221-3646


    Cameron Steele
    Clear Conscious Media LLC
    Contact Talk Radio®
    Making a difference – Leading the way.
    Contact Talk Radio Website
    iPhone App
    425-221-3646 Cell/Office
    Worldwide Web
    Zeno Radio, iTunes, Tunein

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